Welcome to Educational Pathways


North Fork Rancheria Tribal TANF is proud to announce that we have created an all-encompassing opportunity for us to provide educational support to youth in our mountain community entitled “Educational Pathways.” Educational Pathways encompasses our afterschool program which will be held here at the Family Wellness center three days a week (Monday through Wednesday) for grades K-8, tutoring for grades K-12 (both in school and after school or via zoom), and Youth Empowerment for grades 9-12 which will be held bi-weekly on Thursdays after school at the Family Wellness Center.

A note to youth: When enrolling in Educational Pathways you are automatically eligible for both tutoring and the after-school service for your age group. How much you participate is of course up to you and your parents, however, you will be eligible for fun trips, activities, and incentives if you participate regularly and put forth the effort towards your academic studies! We are here to support you! Please contact us for tutoring help or if you want to join in on the fun activities we offer.

Family Wellness staff facilitate an afterschool program at the Family Wellness Youth Center (FWYC) in North Fork for Native American K- 8th-grade students beginning in September and ending in June.

Strengths-Based Learning

Students will have time each day, Monday-Wednesdays allocated to homework and extracurricular age-specific activities. The focus will be on structure within the program and encouraging students to attend with extracurricular activities based on their interests such as cultural, recreational, and educational. Through positive youth development during such activities, focusing on personal strengths versus deficits, students will be less likely to engage in at-risk activities.

Positive & Encouraging

An ongoing incentive program will be implemented to reward students’ grades/GPAs during Family Formation events based on GPAs of 3.0 and higher. Family Formation events will be held in January and June. In addition to the incentive program, harmful behaviors will result in written up incident reports, with equal repercussions such as a temporary suspension from the program and denial of additional programming or rewards.


Native youth who regularly participate without a suspension and maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher will be able to attend an incentive trip at the end of the year. Other proposed trips include, but are not limited to Children’s Museum, Moaning Caverns, the Native garden in Woodward Park, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Air Castle Museum, Eagle Walk @ Millerton Lake, Fresno State Farm & Planetarium, and Our Voice, Our Choice Youth Summit.

North Fork Rancheria Tribal TANF will provide tutoring help for Native American youth grades K-12th.

Family Wellness staff facilitates a Native American high school youth group focused on positive youth development through awareness, job preparation, and culture to occur twice a week during the school year, with off-site trips planned for the summer and weekends. Our goal is to reach more youth by providing relevant activities and curriculum that will reduce at-risk behaviors. Our weekly meetings will include 1 weekly session solely focusing on tutoring students. In efforts to provide strong tutoring assistance FWC staff as well as staff educators will be on site to help students. On our second weekly session activities will include cultural programming and crafts, talking projects based on TANF purpose number 3 pregnancy prevention, off-site trips, and hard and soft skills training. Team-building recreational activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, and rock climbing will be included to compliment the curriculum being delivered. Recreational activities will promote healthy risk taking and the opportunity to build trust within the group while learning positive decision-making skills.


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