This empowering program will give the Native Youth a platform and a voice to discuss many of the social problems inherent in today’s youth culture. Our goal is to use Social Media that transcend barriers and couple important messages with PSA’s, memorable images, music, and or stories and then share them with the community.


Through training of the proper use of Social Media, youth will be able to express themselves in a more positive manner while addressing issues that are important to them and their culture. The program will include youth led activities and projects, a quarterly news report, PSA’s, exploring social issues affecting Native youth, computer literacy, and culture preservation through Social Media, multimedia storytelling and recording. We will engage young people in innovative and creative ways that address the core challenges and opportunities that youth encounter online, including issues such as online safety, privacy, credibility/information quality, civic participation, and entrepreneurship. They will be trained on Social Media best practices, mind mapping, leadership, graphic design to videography, photography, video editing, script writing, and more.

Youth & Media

Most youth use and have access to Social Media through smartphones, tablets, connected devices such as; gaming stations and Smart TVs. Once properly trained and established the youth driven Social Media platforms would have a far greater reach than what is currently being used. The youth Social Media Squad would assist in posting activities, programs and native specific information, as well as positive messages. The Social Media Squad will also be involved in field trips to local media outlets.