What is J.O.M.?

The Johnson-O’Malley Program is authorized by the Johnson-O’Malley Act of 1934 and the implementing regulations are provided in Part 273 of Title 25 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

As amended, this Act authorizes contracts for the education of eligible Indian students enrolled in public schools and previously private schools.

This local program is operated under an educational plan, approved by the BIE, which contains educational objectives to address the needs of the eligible American Indian and Alaska Native students.

The Johnson-O’Malley Supplemental Indian Education Program Modernization Act (JOM Modernization Act) became Public Law 115-404 on December 31, 2018.

Enrollment Requirements

  • American Indian and Alaska Native students are enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe or at least one-fourth or more degree of Indian blood descendant of a member of a federally recognized Indian tribal government eligible for services from the Bureau.
  • Birth-certificate
  • Student certification form
  • Eligibility requires these children to be between ages 3 through grades 12

What can JOM funds be used for?

Johnson O’Malley programs offered to American Indian and Alaska Native students vary and may include such programs as culture, language, academics and dropout prevention.

Johnson-O’Malley funds under this program may not be used for capital expenditures.

Goal to Enroll

Why an enrollment goal?

In accordance with the JOM Modernization Act, BIE will begin calculating the annual JOM distribution based on the actual count of eligible JOM students reported from each JOM contractor (tribe/school) from the previous school year. Therefore, beginning with the SY 2022-23 Student Count reporting period, existing JOM contractors are encouraged to report all JOM eligible students attending their schools, as the SY 2022-23 student count will determine the SY 2023-24 JOM distribution. The SY 2022-23 Student Count Form is attached.

Additionally, BIE has set the SY 2022-2023 JOM Student Count week for MONDAY, OCTOBER 10 – FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2022. Any JOM eligible student who attends a minimum of one (1) instructional day during that week may be counted for SY 2022-23. To avoid confusion during this first year, the deadline date for submission of the SY 2022-23 Student Count Form will remain June 1, 2023.

Since the BIE will now begin using the annual student count to determine the following school year’s JOM distribution, all tribal JOM contractors are encouraged to count all JOM eligible students attending public schools in their service area, while all school district JOM contractors are equally encouraged to count all JOM eligible students attending their district schools.

How Can You Help?

Here are a few examples:

Take some forms home with you and give them to your relatives and friends whose children meet the requirements.

Give the JOM flyer out

Advocate! Advocate! Advocate!