A Breif Summary about
Cultural Night

Family Wellness Staff will guide families on how to release the mind from pessimistic thoughts. By autonomous their subconscious to cultivate wisdom, teachings, stories, songs and provide a structure for Indigenous communities to begin the healing from historical trauma. To healing from historical trauma, participants will learn a variety of cultural crafts paired to an educational curriculum and a historical history relating to cultural crafts delivered but not limited to Porky Quill earring, Silver Pendant Necklace, Beaded Earring, Sand Painting, Drum Making, Whip Stich, Rope Beaded Stitch, Beaded Loom Work, Clapper sticks, Dream Catchers, Gourd Designing, Medicine Bags, Face Shields, Corn Husk Dolls, Table Top Teepee, Moccasin making, and a few field trips to gather supplies at the Native Gardens in Woodward Park, Yosemite National Park and various traditional sites in the mountain area.

April 2021 Cultural Night Craft is
Planting White Sage