After School Program

Family Wellness staff facilitate an afterschool program at the Family Wellness Youth Center (FWYC) in North Fork for Native American K- 8th grade students beginning in September and ending in June.

Strengths Based Learning

Students will have time each day, Monday-Wednesdays allocated to homework and extracurricular age-specific activities. Focus will be on structure within the program and encouraging students to attend with extracurricular activities based on their interests such as cultural, recreational, and educational. Through positive youth development during such activities, the focus is on personal strengths versus deficits, students will be less likely to engage in at-risk activities.

Positive & Encouraging

An ongoing incentive program will be implemented to reward student’s grades/GPA’s during Family Formation events based on GPA’s of 3.0 and higher. Family Formation events will be held in January and June. In addition to the incentive program, negative behaviors will result in written up incident reports, with equal repercussions such as a temporary suspension from the program and denial of additional programming or rewards.


Native youth who regularly participate without a suspension and maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher will be able to attend an incentive trip at the end of the year. Other proposed trips include, but are not limited to Children’s Museum, Moaning Cavern’s, the Native garden in Woodward Park, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Air Castle Museum, Eagle Walk @ Millerton Lake, Fresno State Farm & Planetarium and Our Voice, Our Choice Youth Summit.

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After School 2021-2022
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